Customised Boxes (OEM)

pizzerian box

At Intepacs, our Product line-up consists of a plethora of packaging products.

For instance, pizza boxes, parcel boxes, RSC & also die-cut boxes. We are also able to tailor-make and customise personalised packaging solutions according to our client’s needs.

We offer a range of customised paper boxes, from cartons to rigid boxes, providing businesses with high-quality packaging solutions. With a focus on design and innovation, we can create unique and eye-catching packaging designs that align with your clients’ branding and messaging. Our clients hail from a diverse range of backgrounds & industries, including but not limited to – F&B, Electronics, Health & Wellness and e-Commerce stores. Rest assured that you’re in good hands to find the ideal packaging solution catered to your needs.

Having branded paper boxes offer a range of benefits, including increased brand recognition, enhanced customer experience, and improved product protection during transport and storage. With our commitment to delivering high-quality products and exceptional customer service, we will be a reliable partner for businesses seeking customised packaging solutions.

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